One mask made, one mask donated

We are a grassroots organization that began with a few women answering the call to donate handmade masks during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  We have donated over 2000 masks to healthcare workers, food-service workers, essential employees, and high-risk individuals in West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We are now offering our masks to help everyone who needs our product to go to the grocery store and other essential businesses.  For every mask we make, we will donate one to the groups listed above. We are making them as fast as we can to get them into the hands of all in need. So far, we have been blessed to ship next day.  Our masks are washable and have pleats to adjust the size to fit your face. We send them with the elastic untied so that customers can tie the ends to fit their needs. We can order material upon request.  Help us continue our mission.